“Going out to encounter our neighbour, understanding and forgiving them with all our heart”

To love with all one’s heart means to do so without reservations, without doubt, without illegitimate interests, without seeking any personal gain for ourselves or for our careers.”

These were the words spoken by Pope Francis on 1 April 2017 at the Audience with the community of the “San José” Pontifical Spanish College in Rome, who he received on the occasion of 125 years since its foundation.

The Pope recalled that pastoral charity means “going out to encounter our neighbour by understanding, accepting and forgiving them with all our heart.”

But the Holy Father emphasised that “it is not possible to grow alone in this charity,” which is why “the Lord called us to be a community”, so that this charity would provide a special link “in the ministry and fraternity”.

“To serve is to sow love”

“Love is the engine that drives our hope forward”

“May we see Jesus in those who suffer and let us carry our own cross”

“We must avoid the difference between those who have too much and those who have nothing, between those who discard and those who are discarded”

“Let's stop for a while to discover the love and mercy of God in our history”