“To experience love we must accept forgiveness”

During the second Sunday of Easter, 8 April 2018, Pope Francis asked: “How can we savour the love of God, how can we touch the mercy of Jesus? Once again the Gospel tells us, when emphasising that on the evening of Easter and the Resurrection, the first thing Jesus did was to give His Spirit to forgive sins.

To experience love we must take this path: accept forgiveness. I ask myself and each one of you: can I accept forgiveness? Before God we are tempted to do what the Disciples in the Gospel did: barricade ourselves behind closed doors. They did it out of fear and we, too, are afraid, ashamed to open ourselves up and talk about our sins. May the Lord give us the grace to understand shame, to see it not as a closed door, but as the first step towards a meeting. When we feel shame we should be grateful: it means that we do not accept evil, and this is good. Shame is a secret invitation of the soul that needs the Lord in order to overcome evil. Do not be afraid to be ashamed! Do not be afraid”.