“Be channels of mercy”

“I encourage you to open your hearts and let yourself be transformed by the mercy of God. In this way you will become instruments of mercy. Once embraced by the merciful Father, who always gives us His forgiveness, you will be able to witness His love in everyday life. Today’s men and women are thirsty for God, they are thirsty for his goodness and love.”

So said Pope Francis on 15 November 2016 when meeting participants on a pilgrimage to Rome from the dioceses of the Netherlands.

“And you too, as ‘channels’ of mercy, can help to quench this thirst; you can help many people to rediscover Christ, the Saviour and Redeemer of humanity;

as missionary disciples of Jesus you can irrigate society with the proclamation of the Gospel and with charity, especially toward the most needy and those abandoned and left alone.”

“Open our hearts and make our own the sufferings of those who are discarded by society”