“God’s graces are received to be given to others”

“It is a gift, the Holy Spirit. That gift of the Holy Spirit enters into us and becomes fruitful, so that we can then give it to others. Always receive to give: never receive and keep things inside, as if the soul were a warehouse. No: always receive to give. God’s graces are received to be given to others. This is the life of the Christian. It is typical of the Spirit, then, to decentralize ourselves from our “I”, so as to open ourselves to the “we” of the community: to receive so as to give. We are not at the centre: we are a tool of that gift for others”. These were the words pronounced by the Holy father Pope Francis during the general Audience of 6 June 2018.

We must give the gift of the Holy Spirit to the community. I urge the confirmed to not “cage” the Holy Spirit, not to resist the Wind that blows so as to push them to walk in freedom, not to stifle the burning Fire of charity that leads to consuming life for God and for brothers”.

“In life the Eucharist is translated by passing from ourselves to others”