"We have received goods to give them to others"

The Angelus in St. Peters Square on Sunday, 16 November 2014 focused on the Gospel and the parable of the talents, taken from St. Matthew (25,14-30). The man in the parable represents Jesus, we are the servants and the talents are the heritage the Lord has entrusted us with: his Word, the Eucharist, faith in the Heavenly Father, his forgiveness. This heritage isn't just to be safeguarded, it must grow.

"All the goods we have received are to be given to others, that's how they grow", Pope Francis explained. It's as though he were saying: “Here's my mercy, my tender heart, my forgiveness: take them and make good use of them". And what have we done? Has our faith been contagious for others? How many people have we encouraged with our hope? How much love have we shared with our neighbour? These are questions we would do well to ask. Any setting, even the most distant and difficult, can become a place where the talents can multiply. No place or situation is precluded from the presence of a Christian witness. The witness Jesus asks of us is not closed, it's open and it depends on us".

"Let's take example from the saints of everyday life"

“When we come forward to serve those who suffer, we resemble Jesus”