"You can't evangelise from an armchair"

"Evangelising isn't done from an armchair" nor is it based on "theories", but by leaving it to the Holy Spirit. The correct way is to go towards people and be close to them, always starting from ‘actual situations’: it takes place from «person-to-person", with life and words. This simple and direct "treaty" on ’evangelising was proposed by Pope Francis during the Mass celebrated on Thursday, 19 April 2018 at Santa Marta.

Francis indicated “three key words for fully understanding the sense and way of evangelising. First and foremost, he stated, ‘it is the Spirit that pushes us’ and ‘tells Philip to rise, first word; ‘approach’, second word; and third word, ‘begin from the situation’. This is how you evangelise, the Pope continued, proposing the ‘three words’ that are the key for all Christians called to evangelise with our life, with our example and also with our words."