“Injuring our neighbour’s body is an affront to God”

“Every offence or injury or violence on the body of our neighbour is an affront to God the Creator! My thoughts go, in particular, to the children, women, the elderly who are physically mistreated. In the flesh of these people we find the body of Christ. Christ wounded, ridiculed, slandered, humiliated, flogged, crucified”. These were the words of Pope Francis during the recitation of the Regina Caeli on 15 April 2018.

Jesus taught us love. A love that, in His Resurrection, was shown to be more powerful than sin and death, and seeks to save all those whose bodies have experienced the slavery of our times”, the Pontiff said.

“In a world where too often power over the weakest and materialism suffocate the spirit, the Gospel today calls us to be people who are able to take a deep look, full of wonder and great joy, at having encountered the Risen Lord”.