“Choose to do good for others”

“What can the Lord give to someone whose heart is full of himself and his success? Nothing, because an arrogant person is incapable of receiving forgiveness, sated as he is with his presumed integrity. Those who are aware of their shortcomings and humbly lower their head, feel God’s merciful eyes upon them. We know from experience that only those who recognise their mistakes and say they are sorry can receive the understanding and forgiveness of others”. This was Pope Francis’ message during the General Audience on 3 January 2018.

“Everyone – the Holy Father continued - confesses before God and our brothers and sisters that we have sinned in thoughts, words, deeds and omissions. Yes, even in omissions, because we have neglected to do the good we could have done. Frequently we feel we are good because – we say – 'I’ve never hurt anyone’. In effect, it is not enough to do no harm to others, we must choose to do good by taking the opportunities to prove that we are the disciples of Jesus”.

“A wish for peace to all people and all nations on earth”

“Let us give everything we have to the Lord and our neighbour”

“Let’s not flee from the Cross when it comes”