“We are called to witness to the Gospel of Christ”

“Today's Gospel narrates the moment in which Jesus sends the Twelve on a mission. After having called them by name one by one, "because they remain with Him”, now he calls them again to "send them two by two" in the villages where He was going to go. The Gospel passage focuses on the style of the missionary, which we can summarize in two points: the mission has a center; the mission has a face”. Pope Francis stated this during the Angelus of 15 July 2018.

"The disciple who is missionary - the Holy Father recalled - has above all a center of reference, which is the person of Jesus. The story indicates this by using a series of verbs that have Him as subject, so that the journey and working of the Twelve appears as an irradiation from a center, to represent the presence and work of Jesus in their missionary activity”.

“This Gospel episode also concerns us, and not only the priests, but all the baptized, called to witness in the various environments of life, the Gospel of Christ. In addition, even for us this mission is authentic only starting from its changeless center that is Jesus. It is not an initiative of individual believers, groups or even large groups, but it is the Church's mission inseparably united with her Lord. No Christian proclaims the Gospel "on his own", but only sent by the Church who received the mandate from Christ himself. It is precisely Baptism, which makes us missionaries. A baptized who does not feel the need to proclaim the Gospel, to announce Jesus, is not a good Christian”.