“We are called to accept each other as gifts of the Lord”

“Hospitality is a gift, a gift we have first received: we are guests in a world created for us and which must be protected, but we are also transient here, strangers on earth, because we are guests invited and awaited in heaven, where we have our citizenship.”

This is the message that Pope Francis sent on 6 September 2017 for the opening of the 25th International Ecumenical Conference on Orthodox Spirituality, organised by the Monastic Community of Bose in collaboration with the Orthodox Churches.

“In the meantime, as itinerant disciples, we are called to focus on what does not wane, on the charity that will never end, to accept each other as gifts from the Lord, to promote mutual care and affection, to have compassion, to take part in the pain of those who suffer, to consider as one’s own ill the misfortunes of others.”

“Jesus gave each one of us a name and placed us on a path”

The Lord is good and great in love

“The joy of a Christian is a gift to be shared”

“A Christian has to be good wheat and patient”