“Let us shun the logic of mediocrity and of the bare minimum”

On 6 May 2017 Pope Francis received in audience the community of the Pontifical Seminary of the Campania region of Posillipo, where the seminarians are trained in the light of Ignatian Pedagogy. The roughly 120 present were urged to shun the logic of the"bare minimum” in order to instead discover “the great dreams God has for us”.

 "Searching for the Kingdom,” Francis said, “means shunning the logic of mediocrity and of the 'bare minimum', and opening ourselves up to discover the great dreams God has for us. Searching for the Kingdom means looking for God's justice and sparing no efforts so that our relationships, the communities, our cities are transformed by the merciful and just love of God, Who listens to the cry of the poor."

 Furthermore, one of the essential aspects that Francis emphasised is that of “personal friendship with Jesus”. The Pope urged his listeners to not tire of "continuously reforming" their humanity and to not have a scholarly intellectual education. "You are not dictionaries," he said jokingly.

The Lord is close to who invokes him

“Jesus gave each one of us a name and placed us on a path”

The Lord is good and great in love

“The joy of a Christian is a gift to be shared”