“A Christian talks, acts and listens”

How can you recognise a Christian? By his attitude”. This was the question Pope Francis asked during the Mass celebrated at Santa Marta on 25 June 2015.

“People know when a priest, a bishop, a catechist, a Christian has the consistency that gives him authority, they can make the distinction. Besides, in a previous passage, Jesus Himself «admonishes His disciples, the people, everyone: ‘Beware of false prophets’.

There are - the Pontiff explained - three key words to understanding this: talk, act and listen. […] Someone who talks and acts is not usually a true prophet, he is not a true Christian, and, in the end, everything will collapse, because it is not on the rock of God's love, it is not ‘made of stone’. But someone who knows how to listen and from listening acts, with the strength of the word of another, not his own, he remains as solid a rock: even though he is a humble person, who does not appear to be important, he is great. And how many of these great people there are in the Church! - Francis emphasised – How many great bishops, great priests, great faithful followers who know how to listen and from listening act!”.

“In life the Eucharist is translated by passing from ourselves to others”